Are You Making These Driving Mistakes?

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Jan 6, 2020 2:17:00 PM

When it comes to hitting the road, whether for a short commute to work or a long road-trip, safety should always be on your mind.  Even if you have auto insurance to cover you in the case of an accident, a car accident or ticket can negatively affect your driving record or insurance rate. So next time, before you just hop in the car and go, consider asking yourself if you’re making any of these top driving mistakes:

Using your mobile phone while driving

Texting and driving is a huge issue in the U.S. So much so that 48 states have banned texting while operating a motor vehicle. As 21 states have banned the use of handheld devices while driving altogether, this issue is becoming more significant. 

Any use of a mobile phone while driving can be dangerous, even if just for making a call or picking which song you want to rock out to next. Studies have shown that those who used their cell phone while driving were 5.36 times more likely to get in an accident than those who did not. This risk is similar to those driving with a 0.08 blood-alcohol level in their system. 

It’s not that we don’t want you to talk to your friend, it’s just that we don’t want you to have to end up filing an auto insurance claim because of something that could have waited.

Positioning your mirrors incorrectly 

While you might occasionally use the mirrors in your car to check your makeup or make sure you don’t have anything in your teeth after lunch, the mirrors in your car actually serve a very important purpose. They are there to inform you of the other drivers and objects around you and help ensure you don’t run into any of them and have to utilize your car insurance because of this driving mistake.

You should check your mirrors every time before you drive to make sure you have the best view of your surroundings. 

Not following the speed limit

While speeding is often seen a bad driving, driving under the speed limit is also extremely dangerous, especially if you’re in the passing lane. Not only does this cause frustration on the road for other drivers, but it can lead to an unnecessary car accident.

If you see someone coming up behind you with speed, use your mirrors (which are hopefully now in the correct position) and move out of the passing lane, so others who are driving more quickly than you can do so without hesitation. Even if you have cheap car insurance and are fully covered, it’s better to let fast or frustrated drivers continue on their way without getting wrapped up in a car accident. 

Doing a rolling stop 

You’ve probably heard of the coined term “stoptional”—referring to a stop sign that is optional (which doesn’t actually exist, just so you know). Other terms used are “rolling-stop” and “coasting,” but no matter how you phrase it, running a stop sign constitutes as bad driving. Not only can a “stoptional” cause an accident and make you use your auto insurance, it could also leave you with a driving ticket and fine to pay. 

Not using your turn signal

Using your turn signal is more beneficial for the people driving behind you than for you, but it’s still important that you use it. No matter how annoying that “click, click” sound is while you’re waiting to turn.

Giving the person behind you fair warning that you are turning, and therefore will have to slow down, will lessen the chance of a simple turn ending in a car insurance claim for either party. It’s also important to use your turn signal when changing lanes so that other drivers on the road are aware of your intended movement and can adjust accordingly.

Speeding through yellow light 

No matter how late you’re running for work, running a yellow light isn’t a good idea. Though it may seem like it will get you there faster, the risk may not be worth the few minute reward of time you receive. When the traffic light is yellow, accelerating to make it through might not always get you to the other side of the intersection before the crossing cars get a green light and start to go, resulting in a potentially harmful crash.

Positioning your seat incorrectly

Similar to having your mirrors in the wrong position, having your seat in the wrong position while driving can be dangerous as well. Though you might not be making any driving mistakes, incorrect seating position can cause you to make one unintentionally. 

For example, if your seat is too far back, this can make it harder for you to press the brake pedal as quickly or effectively as needed causing you to not slow down in time before hitting someone. It’s better to sit where you can reach everything and see your surroundings to ensure safe driving. 

Not having car insurance

Car insurance is a must-have when driving on the road. But you may want to consider getting insurance that covers more than your state’s mandated minimum coverage. Getting a cheap car insurance quote is a good idea because even if you aren’t making these mistakes yourself, other people might be. You don’t want to be caught without auto insurance to cover someone else’s bad driving mistake. You can get a quote instantly with Humble Eagle. 

So next time you get in the car, take a minute to check your mirrors and put your phone away until you safely arrive at your destination. And if you don’t have car insurance, be sure to get a cheap auto insurance quote so you don’t get caught empty-handed in the wake of someone else’s a driving mistake. 

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