SR-22 and Car Insurance for High-Risk Drivers

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Dec 10, 2019 1:05:00 PM

So you’re looking for auto insurance, but you’re having a hard time because you’ve been labeled as a high-risk driver. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Individuals are labeled as high risk to insurance companies for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately, high-risk drivers typically face higher insurance rates in comparison to your peers. But you don’t have to. By understanding why you’re labeled as a high-risk driver and what is expected of you, you can begin to take the steps toward finding the affordable car insurance that you deserve. 

What does high-risk mean?

Being labeled as a high-risk driver means exactly what you think it does. Essentially, insurance companies associate some drivers as being more likely to get into an accident than others. 

Here’s the thing, you can be labeled a high-risk driver for so many reasons and some of them don’t even have to do with your driving at all! In fact, some drivers are labeled as high risk without having an accident simply because of their age, the number of years they’ve been driving, or their credit score. When that happens, the high risk designation is because of the likelihood of an accident for that category of people, not necessarily you personally.

Of course, you can also be labeled as high risk due to your personal driving history. Things like being found at fault for an accident, getting a DUI, or having multiple claims can impact whether or not you are viewed as high risk. 


What does an SR-22 have to do with anything?

Many people think that SR-22 refers to a type of insurance, but that’s not the case. An SR-22 is a certification that your insurance company has to file with the government to prove that you are meeting the necessary car insurance requirements. To get an SR-22, you have to specifically ask your insurance company for one. They won’t know that you need one unless you tell them when you purchase your policy.

Drivers typically need an SR-22 when they’ve run into legal trouble. This can include something like a DUI or major moving traffic violation. An SR-22 could also be required if you’re stopped by police or get into an accident and you cannot provide proof of insurance. It’s important to know that not all insurance companies will offer an SR-22, which means that these kinds of drivers are not able to get a policy from just anywhere. Humble Eagle works with most drivers, no matter their driving history, so we can help get your SR-22 filed quickly and affordably.

So how can I get affordable auto insurance as a high-risk driver?

There are a couple steps you need to take. First, you need to shop around and get car insurance quotes from different companies. You can get a quote from Humble Eagle instantly online. 

Then, you’ll want to practice safe driving and work on improving your driving record. The better your record becomes, the better your rates will be.

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